The Kate Kennedy Club was established in 1926, by James Doak and Donald Kennedy, in conjunction with Sir James Colquhoun Irvine, hailed as the "second founder" of St.Andrews, and principal at the time. Nowadays the Club exists to preserve The Kate Kennedy Procession and:

1. Maintain the traditions of the University and town of St Andrews
2. Uphold and improve Town and Gown relations
3. Raise money for local charities

Any matriculated member of the student body can become a member of The Kate Kennedy Club, although only Bejants (first-year students) can be inducted after a formal application process. In pursuit of its aims the Club organises a number of events, as well as delivering services to the town and University.

Club photo 2013

Club photo 2013

Back: Henry Baylis, Edward Fry, David Martin, Mikkel Reknes Andreasen, Tommaso Ivo Louis Vermeir, William Carlough, Charles Behan, Christopher Kunkler, Mikkel Lenborg Skajem, David Leonidovich Winokurow, Hendrik Geiger

Middle: Ivan Damgov, Charles James Alexander Perriam, Oliver Cutting, Georgina Church, Casey Thomas Larsen, Jack Merriman, James Calder-Smith, Christy White-Spunner, Ted Haxby, Abhiroop Gupta, Mark Jones, Arthur Cohen, Edward Battle

Front: Philippa Harrison, Leopoldo Maduro-Vollmer, Leopold Thun-Hohenstein, Joseph White, Alexander Heller, Francis Walters, James A G Smith, Gustaf Herslow, Alexander Cottrell, Taremeredzwa Nyabadza, Michael Glenfield, Guy Hartley